Court Services

The Richland Municipal Court Services is to provide efficient, accessible, and timely resolution of alleged violations.  The Richland Municipal Court hears traffic, misdemeanor violations, as well as building/residential codes of the Mississippi Code of 1972 annotated and provides professional service combined with integrity to the public, employees, and other government entities.

Court Services preserves and maintains all court documents, all money received and disbursed by legal mandate, or any judicial matter within the boundaries of the City of Richland.  

The Richland Municipal Court is comprised of one judge, prosecutor, public defender, commander, court clerk, deputy court clerk, and two administrative assistants.    

Judge Richard Redfern has been practicing law for the State of Mississippi since 1987 and has been the Richland Municipal Judge since 2002.

Whitney Adams recently joined the City of Richland Court Services since 2008.  Mrs. Adams has been practicing law for the State of Mississippi since 2007.

Sarah Gregory is the public defender for the City of Richland.  She has been practicing law for the State of Mississippi since 1995 and has been the public defender since 1998.

Assistant Chief Howard Holland is the commander for Richland Municipal Court Services.  He has been in law enforcement since 1989 and has commanded this area since 2002.

The Court Clerk is Belinda Kilpatrick.  She has been the Court Clerk since 1987.

Allison Clark is the Deputy Court Clerk and has served since 2006.

Sandy Boteler is the Administrative Assistant and has served since 2006.

James King is an Administrative Assistant.  He has been with the City of Richland since 2003 and has been in Court Services since 2008.

Hours of operation:
08:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday.

Court date:
Every Wednesday of each week except during holidays.