Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer works to protect the public as well as animals. The challenges and rewards of protecting the health and safety of animals and humans are many. They include opportunities to rescue animals and prosecute individuals who abuse them, impound animals with humane care at The Mississippi Animal Rescue League Shelter until they may be reunited with their owners or adopted, Conducts investigations and inspections, issues citations and warnings, and reports daily activities and educates the public about relevant animal regulations and humane animal care. 

The Richland Police Dept. Animal Control Officer is a multipurpose, fully certified police officer. Serving at the rank of Patrolman provides for added functionality to the Police Department. Having a certified police officer occupy this position has many benefits and allows this position to perform a multitude of tasks such as, enforcing state laws and city ordinances, traffic details, and other patrol duties while still performing the animal control functions.